Coaching with Tatiana

Tatiana Alexeeva - Certified Hypnotherapist

One-on-one coaching

If you struggle with procrastination, lack of motivation, lack of clarity, creative blocks, fears, anxiety or any mixture of aforementioned problems that prevent you from taking bold steps forward with your projects (personal or professional), the one-on-one coaching session(s) will help you progress.

If you want to install certain positive habits in your life, but not sure how to achieve it, I can help you. I followed a special training for habits changing. It is a highly effective and scientifically proven method to create new habits and make them stick.

Price: $150 (75 min session)

“Tatiana was my coach for about 4 months, under Pain BC's coaching for health program. I really appreciated having Tatiana as my coach. She is a great listener, is genuinely curious and empowers me to find solutions to reduce stress and lead a happier and more relaxed life. I think she is very talented and would like to highly recommend her as a coach”.

Breakthrough session

This session's objective is to thoroughly explore one area of your life, remove any blocks and negative imprints, replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones, help you open up to possibilities, ramp up your motivation for lasting results in business, career, relationships or any other area of your life.

This session takes two to four hours, and by the end of it you'll be ready to take massive action in a direction of your choice and feel amazing about it.

Available online or in person (inquire through the contact form). In person session is conducted outdoors.

Price: $650

Tarot coaching

We'll be able to explore your question using Tarot as a powerful prompt.


  • 30 minute session - $30
  • One hour session - $100

“Getting a reading from Tatiana is an increadibly pleasant experiance and she was able to keep me focused on my dreams and be inspired based off her reading of the cards. Very Accurate and inspiring”.

Greg Money

“Tatiana brings a unique interactive process to her tarot readings. As Tatiana intuitively analyzes the cards that come up, she also engages her clients' own intuitive responses to provide a truly informative and thought provoking experience.”.

Group Coaching

This is a unique opportunity to learn how to incorporate positive habits in you life. There is a built-in support in between sessions.

Please inquire via the contact form.

Price: $100 for 3 sessions (each session is 75 minute long)

“Tatiana’s tiny habits program is fun to take part in and easy to follow. It’s nice to set small, achievable goals that create a feeling of accomplishment. I find the follow up non-intrusive but pleasant and encouraging. Developing small habits toward positive change feels good and so does talking to Tatiana!”

Alicia Wisdom

“Tatiana's habit building class is an impeccably resource driven masterpiece in learning how to take small, seemingly unimportant quirks and quickly snowballing them into habits that lead to greater productivity and enjoyment in day to day life. I completely recommend it!”.