HypnoTalks - Episode 11 with Kemila Zsange, RCCH

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Hypnotic Reflections on Weight Loss


Guest speaker: Kemila Zsange, RCCH


In this episode, we are talking with Kemila Zsange, counselling hypnotherapist from Vancouver.

Website: Kemila Zsange

Facebook: Kemila Zsange

In this video, we discuss the weight loss and how hypnosis can be used for this process. In this episode, Kemila tells us fascinating stories of a creative approach she's using in sessions (for example, how one can use procrastination to his own advantage, for example, to procrastinate on inappropriate snacking!)

Kemila also shares with us some easy and effective hands-on tips that she uses with her weight loss clients, and one of them is a very important skill of calibrating the physical hunger.

We discuss the mind-body connection and the importance of curiosity and enjoyment in achieving a healthy weight. Kemila also shares some insights as to what the sugar craving might actually be about.