HypnoTalks - Episode 2 with Alyson Loney

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Hypnosis is my passion


Guest speaker: Alyson Loney


In this episode, I am happy to speak to Alyson Loney, clinical hypnotherapist from North Vancouver. Here is her contact information:

Alyson Loney
Instagram: Virtus Clinical Hypnotherapy
Facebook: Virtus Clinical Hypnotherapy

Alyson works with a wide range of issues including (and not limited to) smoking cessation, trauma, public speaking, indecision, just to name a few. She will share with us her passion for hypnosis and tell us some amazing stories of personal transformations achieved through hypnotherapy. We will also discuss some misconception about hypnosis (spoiler: it's not mind control and there's no clucking like a duck involved because stage hypnosis is a far cry from hypnotherapy). Thank you Alyson for your inspirational talk about the unconscious mind and its amazing functions in our life!