HypnoTalks - Episode 4 with Annie Alexander

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I have experienced the long and arduous road of talk therapy and now realize that hypnosis is much more effective


Guest speaker: Annie Alexander


Annie Alexander
Website: Northwest Hypnosis Center
Facebook: Northwest Hypnosis Center

During today's episode, I'm thrilled to talk to Annie Alexander, hypnotherapist from Bellingham, WA. With her rich background in psychotherapy, Annie is amazingly equipped to deal with past traumas, addictions, relationship issues, and other problems.

She knows how to take care of the root cause to help her clients achieve permanent positive results. Watch this talk to learn about Pre-Life Planning as a powerful technique to successfully work with various kinds of issues and clear frustration, anger, sadness, and other negativity. And it works even for a client who doesn't believe in Past Lives!

Annie also shares with us her personal story about a remarkable change she could achieve in just one hypnosis session, and how sometimes by fixing one issue, people get unexpected benefits in other areas of their life.

Towards the end of the video, you will also hear a brief description of a fascinating practical process of dealing with uncomfortable emotions.

I am very grateful to Annie Alexander for taking her time to share her wealth of knowledge with us today!