HypnoTalks - Episode 6 with Diane Auld, counsellor, hypnotherapist

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Counselling and hypnotherapy are my passion


Guest speaker: Diane Auld, counsellor, hypnotherapist


In this episode, we're talking with Diane Auld, counsellor, hypnotherapist and my teacher.
Website: Diane Auld

Diane has her private counselling hypnotherapy practice in Vancouver, and also teaches Counselling Hypnotherapy Diploma course in the Orca Institute.

In this interview, Diane shares with us how she came across hypnotherapy, fell in love with it and made it an integral part of her practice. She mentions that she uses a fascinating holistic process that is called Life Mission/Life Purpose work that is designed to help people find their calling in life.

You will also hear about conscious and unconscious parts of ourselves, and how it is important to take our conscious mind's ideas with a grain of salt and to get in touch with our less evident, yet so powerful unconscious.