HypnoTalks - Episode 7 with Lara McIntyre, RPC, CHT

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Guest speaker: Lara McIntyre, RPC, CHT


In our seventh episode, Lara will talk to us about her use of hypnosis in improving one of the most important relationships we have in life – the one with ourselves!

Website: Lara McIntyre

Lara works a lot with spiritual hypnosis, more specifically with a process called Past Life Regression. During this episode, she shares with us some fantastic details and insights about spiritual hypnosis, what the Past Life is all about, how to prepare for it, is it ok to use those audios available online and whether it's a good idea to go for a group session.

Lara also shares her personal experience with Past Lives and how this process consistently helps her in this lifetime. She also shares with us some details of her upcoming project related to self-responsibility.