Weight Release Mini-series. Episode 1. Mindful eating

Mindfulness is such a hot topic nowadays, and for a good reason.

In our hectic fast-paced life we rarely seem to live in the present moment. We’re either planning our future, dwelling on our past or scrolling our social media. Yet the present moment is literally all we have in life. We might as well start to appreciate it! It helps with anxiety. It also has a very curious effect: it slows down the time in our perception, so our life doesn’t fly by too quickly.

Studies have clearly shown one thing: mindful eating is very effective for losing weight and preventing obesity. What are the components of mindful eating? I believe they boil down to two things:

  • eating slowly
  • with no distractions.

One of the reasons it works so well is because when we eat slower, our body has enough time to send us the signal of satiety. And if we’re not distracted, we can actually receive this important call!

Seriously, it can’t get any easier than this. Simply eating slowly with no distractions will provide a huge advantage on your weight release journey, and it costs nothing. Sometimes we find ourselves in the environment that makes us eat too quickly. Unfortunately, it is the case for many working people in North America. Yet even then you still have a choice to eliminate distractions and go as slow as you can afford. Even if you only have 15 minutes to have your lunch!

Actually, there is still a small price to pay: mindful eating means no more eating in front of TV, computer, or any other device, and no pop corn in the movies. It may seem dounting at first, yet very soon it gets easy and natural if you give it a chance.

There is one distraction that is perfectly fine to keep though: and this is a warm conversation with your loved ones when you share a meal. There is a study that clearly showed that having frequent family meals is protective against youth obesity.

Please check out our short 8 min guided meditation “See. Smell. Chew” below this video. It is best to listen to it just before you eat or in the beginning of your meal to set a nice expectation.

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