Weight Release Mini-series. Episode 3. Say NO to counting calories

Probably, you’ve already tried at least a couple of diets where you count calories.

Sometimes there is a nice short-term effect, yet when it comes to long-term efficacy, most such diets fail miserably.

So why is that:

  1. first, diet is a temporary measure, so it yields a temporary result (at best)
  2. second: our body may go into a “starvation” mode, which makes it much more difficult to lose weight. Our body just wants to save us from a famine! So it frantically spares the very few calories it gets. Once the diet is over, the rate of weight gain is often skyrocketing. No wonder! The body is primed by the diet to accumulate calories, just in case. That’s the reason why so many people end up playing yo-yo with their weight;
  3. third, diets don’t address emotional issues around food; it’s like trying to fix an engine with duct tape;
  4. fourth, diets set our mind into a very unresourceful state: we simply cannot win! If we exercise our willpower and refuse temptation – we feel deprived and sad. If our willpower fails and we indulge, then – guess what – we feel guilty and sad. Our mindset is trapped in this sadness, that’s why conventional dieting is not a long-term solution;
  5. besides, many fad diets are too restrictive and, for this reason, unhealthy.

What actually works? The lifestyle! It’s one of your biggest assets in life. Once your lifestyle is healthy (80% of the time that is), the weight release will happen all by itself, and the best part: you’ll keep it off naturally! Lifestyle is a huge thing; it’s composed of so many different parts! It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you think of changing it. However, it doesn’t have to be tough. The secret is: make a small change at a time! A tiny little change goes a long way.

During these series, we will suggest and help you install some easy positive tiny changes. Sometimes you might feel that it’s too ridiculously easy to be effective, yet bare with us: give it a try and notice the outstanding results for yourself.

In each short video, we will briefly discuss a specific topic, then we will provide you a simple, yet powerful strategy to use. Sometimes we’ll give you a short guided meditation to help you integrate the information. You will reach your very own unique AHA moment that will allow you to effortlessly install a new TINY change into your life… for good.

And the first TINY change that I’d like to suggest today: make a salad out of everything! Do not deprive yourself of your favorite food. Instead, mix it every time with something LIVE, that comes directly from the Mother Earth. And add a LOT of it. Add spinach, or iceberg lettuce, or tomatoes, or sweet peppers and cucumbers, or whatever you find the most appealing that day! You can mix your ice cream with some berries or other fruits. This simple action has multiple benefits: you’ll eat less empty calories and more vibrant, colorful live nutritious foods; you will feel better after a meal – not only physically, but also mentally. And it’s so easy and delicious!

One of our clients turned her pizza into a salad, and it was amazing! She instantly noticed that she felt so much lighter after a meal – no bloating, no heaviness, no mental fog.

If at this point you don’t find yourself running to the nearest grocery store to buy some veggies and you feel that you need a little extra encouragement, please download the short guided meditation below. It’s called “Lust for Veggies”.

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