To lose weight you need both your conscious and unconscious mind

How your conscious mind can help you lose weight

One of the reasons why losing weight is so difficult is that the information on healthy lifestyle coming from different sources is very inconsistent. In other words, we just don’t know what to do to lose weight and get healthy! Just look at these headlines:

“Panel Urges Hour of Exercise a Day”
New York Time, September 2002

“Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin”
Time, August 2009

“Low-Carb Fad Fades, and Atkins Is Big Loser”
Washington Post, September 2005

“Low-Carb Diets Combat Metabolic Syndrome”
Washington Post, July 2007

By the way these headlines were taken from the chapter “Spotting bad science 101” from the book The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferris (see below).

To make sure you achieve your goal – your ideal body weight – you need precise information backed up by scientific research and tested on a lot of people. You need to know:

  1. which food is good for you and which types of food you should avoid
  2. which physical activity will help you lose weight faster and with less effort

Otherwise you may end up eating “healthy bars” that eventually will be stored around your waist. Or you may start going to the gym 5 times a week doing too much exercises that will exhaust your internal resources and hinder your progress.

The two books that we recommend to our clients for weight loss are:

  1. The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson
  2. The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss

The Primal Blueprint was originally published in 2009 and is backed up by a significant amount of scientific research. The author explains why certain types of food should be limited or avoided. This approach to healthy lifestyle was tested by thousands of people. And we personally follow the recommendations from this book in our day-to-day life.

The recommendations from The 4-Hour Body are very similar to those from The Primal Blueprint. The author mentions one interesting concept – minimal effective dose. In order to get benefits from exercises, you just need to do a certain amount of them. If you start overdoing you lose the benefits. And it makes sense. In our busy world every second counts. And if you can lose weight faster by doing LESS exercises, isn’t it great?

How your unconscious mind can help you lose weight

However, knowing what exactly you should do is only half of the battle. Let’s consider this scenario. You are highly motivated, you start dieting, you work out regularly and everything seems to go fine, but then something happens and you end up eating donuts in front of your TV instead of going to the gym. We can try to find an excuse why this happened – a bad day, low energy level – but the main reason is that these old eating habits are too hard-wired in your brain.

Using just conscious willpower for most of us is simply not enough to change these hard-wired habits. You need to literally reprogram your brain to make sure that a new healthy lifestyle, including eating and physical activity, is fully accepted by every fiber of your soul. And hypnosis is the easiest way to do that.

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By Timur

I'm a certified hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner.