Relax in 5 minutes

Relaxing in five minutes? This might seem impossible. But what if taking five minutes for yourself will change the course of your day? Will help you reset and recharge, and be happier and more productive? Isn’t it worth a shot? I created this short relaxation audio a while ago for myself, simply because back then,… Continue reading Relax in 5 minutes

How to Shift Your State Fast

Have you ever felt unmotivated, distracted and bored while facing a certain task? I’m sure we all have! In this video, I’ll show you a few fun exercises to feel energized and motivated fast – all by shifting your state! A good state will have most of the following characteristics: a) there’s less tension in… Continue reading How to Shift Your State Fast

Hypnotherapy Services in French

We published a French version of our home page where we describe all the services that we provide, including smoking cessation, weight loss and chronic pain management. Si vous parlez français, on sera râvi de vous faire découvrir l’hypnose et la PLN en français! Bienvenu!

Free Audio for Stopping Smoking

Happy New Year! It’s that time of the year again when people make resolutions and explore new choices. We created a new free audio for people who want to stop smoking. Please share it with anyone who wants to stop smoking.