Weight Loss Resources page updated

I updated the page with Weight Loss Resources.

Now it is structured as a short article that explains that we need both conscious and unconscious resources in order to lose weight effectively.

By conscious resources I mean two things:

  1. what types of food should we eat,
  2. what type of physical activity should we practice to get most benefits with less effort.

Using unconscious resources means that we should reprogram our old behavior patterns in such a way that a new healthy lifestyle would be fully accepted by our mind.

Free hypnosis audio for weight loss and smoking cessation

Tatiana and I have recorded two audios that can help you get started on your journey to better health.

The first audio is recorded by me. It’s called “3-point-attention” and was originally developped by Dr. Stephen Gilligan. He describes it as an antianxiety technique or a sleeping method.

The second audio is recorded by Tatiana. It’s called “Inner search”.

Both audio recordings are available for download from the page with weight loss resources.

Both audio can be called guided meditations. They will help your unconscious mind explore the possibilities and find solutions for your problems in a relaxed comfortable state.

Lease for an office signed

I signed a lease for an office in Uptown New Westminster.

Officially the lease started on April 1st. However, to complete all the formalities it will take about 2-3 more weeks. And then I would be able to organize hypnosis meetups whenever I want!

New Westminster Hypnosis Meetup launched

I created a meetup group for people interested in hypnosis.


Our main topic is stress-management using self-hypnosis. However we will do all kinds of interesting stuff depending on the requests from the participants. I limit the number of participants to 5, so everyone can have my attention.

The next meetup is scheduled for Monday, March 11 at 4PM in the River Market. It is one-hour long.