Our Story - How We Became Hypnotherapists

Meet your hypnotherapists: Timur and Tatiana

Timur Baytukalov & Tatiana Alexeeva - hypnotherapists in New Westminster BC

Timur and I started as practicing pharmacists in Montreal. To get licensed and allowed to practice, we took numerous exams and completed hundreds of hours of supervised practice. Our work was very challenging, yet very well paid. We got to consult people about their health, wear respectable white coats with a golden nametag and know 4000+ drugs available in Canada.

However, in a hustle and bustle of everyday pharmacy life, we always felt that something important was missing. As healthcare professionals, we hardly had time to really learn about our patients' needs. All we were doing was to get on top of new elaborate prescriptions, avoid (dangerous) errors and do brief counseling about medications.

Years of practice went by, and we felt discouraged as we realized that many drugs do not solve people's issues, but rather serve as band-aids or crutches to alleviate discomfort, sometimes creating more problems in the process. Don't get us wrong: many medications are life-savers and do immense good for the population! It's hard to imagine what would humanity do without antibiotics, insulin, vaccines and such. However, there is a tendency nowadays to overuse medications. For example, it's a well-established fact that antibiotics are prescribed too often now.

So, why hypnotherapy? One day we decided to move to the West Coast, leave the pharmacy behind and move towards a new modality that would allow us to help people overcome their limitations, discover inner resources and heal naturally - hypnotherapy.

Timur already had a thorough hypnotherapy and NLP training in the past. He decided to hone his skills and took another training with John Grinder and Michael Carroll, thus becoming the International NLP Coach and NLP Master practitioner.

At the same time, I took the Counselling Hypnotherapy course in the Orca Institute, BC, and then an intensive Clinical Hypnotherapist course in the Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts and Science, BC, as well as online hypnotherapy course in the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy, ON.

As former healthcare professionals, we decided to concentrate our practice around health-related issues such as smoking cessation, weight management and chronic pain. However, hypnotherapy is a versatile tool that can be used in various other situations. Unlike traditional medicine in hypnotherapy we don't fight with the symptoms, we use them as guides to help us find the solution to whatever problems the person may experience. During hypnotic trance the client creates new behaviors and then later is pleasantly surprised when these new behaviors start appearing in his or her life. Hypnotherapy is always tailored to the client's needs and personality.

Unlike many other hypnotherapists practicing in our area, we have a solid background of working with people in a healthcare setting. Pharmacy practice taught us a lot about effective interpersonal communication, striving to provide the best possible service, as well as knowing the limitations of our knowledge and when it is necessary to refer clients elsewhere for their best interest.

We have set high professional standards for our hypnotherapy practice, including strict confidentiality, ethical behavior, and continued education.

We hope to be able to work with you and assist you in achieving your goals!