Listen to samples of my custom hypnosis recordings

The best way to get a sense of what you can achieve with custom hypnosis audios is to listen to sample recordings. Note that the audios are pretty short. Read further and you'll know how this can be highly beneficial to achieve your goal.

Problem: procrastination

This hypnosis audio helped my client switch from procrastination (scrolling social media or snacking) to doing important tasks.

Goal: increase creativity

My other client uses this audio to quickly get into a highly creative state on demand.

Steps in creating your custom hypnosis recording

The process is very simple and includes the following:

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Our hypnotherapy business has nine 5-star reviews on Google. Google reviews

And here are some reviews specifically related to my custom hypnosis recordings:


“Thank you for the audio coaching. I was challenged by the Covid tests and airport stuff and having to reschedule my flight back etc etc, but when others were having melt downs around me and actual panic attacks, I was pretty calm. Thank you, Tatiana!”

Cecilia Splendiferous

“I got into the creative state easily and have had incredible focus when I'm working. I've used the recording in my chair and home and out on the bike and it brings me to a laughing powerful creative state every time. I cannot thank you enough. This feels like a true gift from God to my heart. I'm so grateful for you Tatiana.”

Charles Spoelstra

“A great reminder of my goals and direction plus l love the energy of the music!”

Dolaine Major


As you might know, ordering a custom hypnosis audio is expensive and would cost you anywhere from $250 and more per recording.

Our custom hypnosis recording costs only $200.

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Story behind my custom hypnosis audios

Do you like ads?

If you are like most people, you don't!

But it's hard to deny that ads are HIGHLY effective, otherwise, companies around the world wouldn't spend huge sums of money on them!

What if you could use the power of advertisement to get the life you want?

So, I thought - what if we could create our own highly customized ads for the changes we WANT in our lives?

I started to make such audios for myself first. I quickly discovered that listening to these recordings helped me easily incorporate the habit of scheduling my day and significantly decrease some procrastination patterns (specifically, social media use and snacking).

I started to offer this service to my clients and gathered some fantastic feedback from people.

My audios helped them, for example:

The HypnoAds format I created is:

You probably heard about hypnotic audios and maybe even listened to some of them, so you know that their average duration is 30 to 40 minutes. The HypnoAd format is designed to be listened to on the go, once or several times a day. You can also choose a specific moment in your day when you'd like to listen to your recording, depending on your goal. For example, if you want to enter a highly productive state, you might listen to your audio just before starting your work.

man with headphones

The elements that we incorporate in our recordings to make them highly effective are the following:

HypnoAds are good for:

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