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Timur Baytukalov & Tatiana Alexeeva - hypnotherapists in New Westminster BC

Timur and Tatiana are certified members of The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA). Timur is also a certified NLP Master Practitioner.

We are rated 5.0 on Google (see the reviews below). We also have been voted one of the top 3 hypnotherapists in New Westminster, BC by Three Best Rated.


What clients say about us

We are rated 5.0 on Google

Timur Baytukalov - Certified Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy services

One-on-one sessions

We specialize in health-related issues:

We can also help you with:

  • stress management,
  • improve athletic performance,
  • past-life regression (Tatiana only),
  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • post-traumatic stress disorder - PTSD (Timur only).

In small groups

Custom hypnosis audio


One-on-one sessions

Our main goal is to bring you the results. We noticed that our clients get the best results when they book at least 2 sessions. The second session helps stabilize the results. We also get a valuable feedback, so we could address the issues that came up and readjust home assignments.

For this reason we don't offer single sessions. Our prices are as follows:

  Price Each session length
First two sessions 300$ 1 to 2 hours
First two sessions
Weight Loss program
500$ 1 to 2 hours
Follow-up sessions 150$ 1 hour


In small groups

Not yet ready to invest in one-on-one sessions? Come and learn hypnosis in our weekly hypnosis meetup! It's by donation.

You are not sure how hypnosis works?

Watch a short introduction with demo session:


How effective is hypnotherapy?

Results of a study by Alfred A. Barrios, conducted in Los Angeles in 1970 and first printed in Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice.


recovery rate
after 600 sessions

Behavior Therapy

recovery rate
after 22 sessions


recovery rate
after 6 sessions

Even in 1970 the hypnotherapy was the best option. Since then it got only better!

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