Free Self-Hypnosis Audio For Weight Loss

If you are still considering one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions, in the meantime you can use our free hypnosis audios for weight loss. They can help you start reprogramming your old eating habits.

Before listening to the audio for the first time, please watch one-minute video with instructions.


Enter your email and we will send you the download links for all five of our self-hypnosis audios for weight loss:

  1. "3-point attention" (mp3, 9 min., Timur) - an anti-anxiety technique originally developed by Dr. Stephen Gilligan.
  2. "Inner Search" (mp3, 12 min., Tatiana) - the audio is aimed at creating a relaxed state and accessing inner resources to jump-start the weight loss process.
  3. "See. Smell. Chew. Mindful Eating." (mp3, 9 min., Tatiana) - self-hypnosis audio that will help you relearn mindful eating
  4. "Lust For Veggies" (mp3, 8 min., Tatiana) - self-hypnosis audio that will help you fall in love with vegetables
  5. "Cravings Relief" (mp3, 14 min., Timur) - helps to relieve cravings

More Tips on Weight Loss

We recorded a series of short videos where we give tips on weight loss. Here's the latest video:


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