Hypnotherapy for chronic lower back pain relief

If you have chronic lower back pain, despite the feeling of isolation it can often bring, you are not alone! Back problems are among the most common chronic conditions in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, four out of five adults will experience at least one episode of back pain at some time in their lives.

Chronic lower back pain can be associated with various health issues, and it’s imperative to have a thorough examination by your physician to diagnose your condition.

The cause of back pain is not always easy to identify. In fact, in approximately 85% to 90% of individuals with back pain, no specific reason can be found! And yet, for many people, this pain is all too real. Sometimes it is described as dull, burning, deep aching that can change location in the body, other times it’s even called “unbearable”. Its intensity often varies depending on daily activities (or lack of thereof).

In many cases, chronic physical pain goes hand in hand with emotional frustration, that might exacerbate the pain further by merely shifting attention to it. There is evidence suggesting that psychosocial factors (e.g., chronic stress and depression) play an important role in persistent back pain.

Current treatment options usually allow partial and temporal discomfort relief; however, there is a tendency for the pain to return. Unfortunately, very few of these options take into account the psychological factor.

Here’s where hypnosis comes into the foreground. Studies have shown that hypnosis has provided significant pain relief to 75% of patients who have used it. In the 1990s, a set of studies was conducted with chronic back pain patients who were taught relaxation and pain control techniques. The studies showed a significant decrease in pain in about 70% of the subjects. Unlike medications that often come with adverse effects, hypnosis produced some positive side effects: improved mood and enhanced ability to fall asleep.

All said above doesn’t mean that hypnosis is a magic wand that will make your pain disappear forever. It will take some effort and dedication to learn and regularly use simple, yet effective tools for pain management.

If you would like to learn more about chronic pain management with hypnotherapy, we invite you to come to our weekly meetup and experience the benefits of hypnosis first hand.

Meetup “Self-hypnosis for chronic pain management” started

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This meetup is for you if you experience some chronic pain in your body and want to learn self-hypnosis techniques to relieve this pain.

As you may know, people used altered states of consciousness to control pain since a long time ago. The way how and where we direct our attention can influence the level of pain. Think about last time you were watching an exciting movie or reading an interesting book. Most likely at least for several minutes you forgot about your pain completely!

In this meetup you will learn how to direct your attention in such a way that the pain is relieved.