Interactive self-hypnosis exercise for weight loss

A couple of months ago, I announced a unique interactive self-hypnosis exercise for weight loss.

We were inspired by a seminar on hypnosis conducted by Jean Becchio. This particular seminar took place in Moscow in 2010. If you don’t know Jean, he is a pretty famous hypnotherapist from France, the author of the book Nouvelle hypnose psychodynamique. The book was published in 1997 and is quite interesting.

The exercise from the seminar is a very elegant approach to weight loss. The demonstration subject is a woman who wants to lose weight. Jean uses different hypnotic techniques, including perceptual position shifts.

The perceptual positions are quite important if you want to successfully lose weight. So, let’s talk about them for a moment.

There are three perceptual positions.

The 1st position is when you perceive the world through your own senses – with your own eyes and ears. It’s all about “me”: “I see you”, “I want this”, “I like the sound of it”, etc.

The 1st position is important. However, we don’t want to get stuck in it. Otherwise, we become self-centered and forget about other people and the bigger picture.

The 2nd position is the key to successful communication. It allows you to perceive the world as someone else. You put yourself in someone else’s shoes. “What would my wife think?” “You must be very excited about the upcoming event!” “I imagine what you felt when you learned this great news!”

The 2nd position is the basis for empathy. It is also important in conflict solving situations – in order to find the solution that would satisfy everyone, you need to get information from each party. And the 2nd position shift is one of the most effective ways to do it.

However, we also don’t want to get stuck in the 2nd position neither. Otherwise, we will start putting other people’s needs first and thus make them dependent on us. Imagine the loving mother of a 5-year old child who satisfies each and every little need of her child. This can quickly lead to the child becoming spoiled and dependent on her mother. Not very healthy relationship.

And finally, there’s the 3rd position. It’s when you perceive the same situation from the outside as if you were a director of a movie. You can see everyone, including yourself, over there, how they interact with each other. It doesn’t mean you don’t have any feelings. A good director uses his “gut feelings” to decide whether a scene was good or bad.

Let’s take the above example with the loving mother. If she could see the situation from the outside, she would quickly realize that some needs of her child should be satisfied and some not. In other words, this 3rd position may help us find balance in our behavior.

Usually very successful people can skillfully shift their perceptual position at will. Note that quite often they may not realize they do it. They do it unconsciously.

Now how can this be applied to weight loss?

Well, very often people who struggle to lose weight may be stuck in one perceptual position – oftentimes the 1st. Perceiving the situation from a different perspective may be an eye-opener, especially if performed in a slightly altered state, such as hypnosis.

But enough talking, I invite you to experience this powerful interactive exercise yourself.

“Interactive” means that you will interact with the computer using a space key of your keyboard.

We introduced this interactivity to give you time to complete each step in the exercise – this way you will get most benefits from it.

So find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for 20 minutes and…

Start self-hypnosis exercise for weight loss

By the way, if you need our assistance to help you go through these steps, you can book a free 15-minute consultation. We will be happy to discuss with you whether our one-on-one weight loss program would be a better choice for you.