Relax in 5 minutes

Relaxing in five minutes? This might seem impossible. But what if taking five minutes for yourself will change the course of your day? Will help you reset and recharge, and be happier and more productive? Isn’t it worth a shot?

I created this short relaxation audio a while ago for myself, simply because back then, I rarely had time to listen to a long guided meditation. It helped me many times through the stressful periods at school and at work. Sometimes I listened to it twice in a row, to feel even better. And I was delighted to learn that many other people found it very useful, too!

This recording might seem simple, but it has an intricate sound design that includes the following elements:

  • narration inspired by alpha-sequence by John Overdurf
  • NLP and hypnotic language patterns
  • binaural speech elements
  • binaural music elements

The audio is available on my YouTube channel, please offer yourself five minutes of a mind vacation. 🙂