Custom Hypnosis Audio by Tatiana

We updated our page with custom hypnosis audio. From now on Tatiana will manage all inquiries related to custom hypnosis audio. During the last couple of months she was experimenting with different length for custom audio and found that even a short audio of 5-7 minutes can be very efficient when used regularly several times… Continue reading Custom Hypnosis Audio by Tatiana

A new online NLP trainer is born

I just received a certificate from NLP Academy. Now I can call myself Online Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The training program was pretty intense and I sure had some fun asking questions John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair. It was the first time they were teaching online.

Trauma Collapse Technique Practitioner

I (Timur) got recently certified as Trauma Collapse Technique (TCT) Practitioner. The training was organized by Martin Castor Peterson from The Hypno Academy. He is hypnosis/NLP trainer from Denmark. The method allows to relieve trauma-related symptoms very quickly (usually in one session). That includes severe cases of PTSD. What is cool about TCT technique is… Continue reading Trauma Collapse Technique Practitioner

Health-related businesses in New Westminster

If you live in New Westminster and care about your health, we collected some links to some local businesses that can help you stay healthy: Alternative Medicine in New Westminster Counsellors and hypnotherapists in Greater Vancouver Healthy Living in New Westminster