How to Shift Your State Fast

Have you ever felt unmotivated, distracted and bored while facing a certain task? I’m sure we all have! In this video, I’ll show you a few fun exercises to feel energized and motivated fast – all by shifting your state!

A good state will have most of the following characteristics:

a) there’s less tension in your body, your posture gets better, there’s more flow in your movements

b) you feel more energized and self-confident

c) you feel enthusiastic

d) you are more positive or neutral about your “mistakes”

e) you are more open and ready to whatever may happen during your work.

Here are a few fun ways to get to a such thought-after state.

1. How about some juggling? Of course, juggling with three balls takes practice and might be frustrating at first. But try to juggle with two or even one ball for a few minutes, and you’ll notice a remarkable change in your state. This exercise stimulates both hemispheres of your brain, provides a mild physical activity to make your blood flowing and shifts your attention from ruminating to the present moment.

2. If possible, play a musical instrument. A few minutes of such exercise will help you get into a focused state fast.

3. If you don’t have a musical instrument handy, you can simply use your hands! Try tapping some rhythms 2-over-3 or 3-over-4. This exercise has very similar benefits to juggling. All of these activities involve all of your senses, stimulate both sides of your body and brain and have a certain rhythm to them.

Try to do one of them before you dive into study or get to that important task, and you’ll feel the difference! Please write in the comments what you’ve tried and how this worked for you.

Have a great day!

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